100ML Rocket TT Cap & Straw

Rocket TT
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Rocket TT is a super lubricant designed for thousands of uses, including loosing rusted parts, stopping squeaks, freeing locks and bolts, cleaning surfaces, preventing corrosion and much more. Lab results show that Rocket TT Maintenance Spray provides better water resistance than competitor products and is much less likely to be washed off. The light gel-like formulation Stays Where it Sprays and clings to treated surfaces much better than competitor products.

Directions for use:
Shake can well. Spray directly onto the surface to be treated. For intricate jobs, fit straw to direct spray. For seized or corroded joints, repeat spraying until joints are free. For metal protection, do not wipe off after spraying.
Note: Do not spray directly onto electric motors.

Supplementary Information.

  • Stops squeaks and lubricates moving elements.
  • Penetrates and loosens corrosed and seized nuts, bolts, cables etc..
  • Removes glue, pencil and gum marks from most surfaces.
  • Leaves a protective water resistant anticorrosion coating.
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