Marine & Industrial

Marine & Industrial

We are a market leader of premium quality coatings at an affordable price and we have the knowledge to back it up.

Care Distributors is a leading supplier of industrial, marine and automotive paints. We are proud PPG PMC and JOTUN marine and industrial distributors and also carry many other industrial coatings such as U-Pol Raptor in stock.

Care Distributors only supply premium products and have a huge range that covers everyone. Whether you own a weekend whiting slayer or a slip yard, we have the product to ensure your pride and joy boat is protected. Our industrial range is huge, ranging from enamels and 2 pak products such as autothane and CPC right through to specialty coating products such as Jotamstic 90, Amerlock or Sigmashield 880 for all the different substrates. You need a quality coating that’s professionally formulated, we have that covered.

PPG are the world’s leading automotive paint supplier and has a product to suit all applications. PPG Protective Marine Coatings (PMC) and JOTUN has the product range for any industrial application and for any marine application required

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