Paint & Panel Prep

Paint & Panel Prep

We all know that perfect preparation creates a perfect finish. At CARE Distributors we have everything to get the groundwork done.

Etching, Fillers, Epoxy’s, Primers, Seam Sealers and more are all stocked on shelf ready for dispatch.

Car Panel and Paint Protection Products

Before you start painting or repainting your car, it’s important to prepare panels and other surfaces to ensure a perfect finish. At CARE Distributors, we’ve got everything you need to get the necessary groundwork done. Our car panel and paint prep tools can help you achieve the best possible results and give your vehicle a significant boost in terms of aesthetic appeal and overall value. From fillers and primers to seam sealers and more, we’re fully stocked with useful tools ready for dispatch.

The Importance of Car Paint Protection

Whether you intend to paint a brand new car or a used one, preparation is essential to protect the paint and the surfaces underneath. Car paint protection keeps cars looking new for longer, reduces the risk of superficial damage, minimises the need for polishing, and increases the resale value.

We stock the following car panel and paint products:

  • Adhesives & Glues – We have a wide range of options to suit your specific needs, including epoxy glue, metal bonding, seam sealers, sealants, adhesive kits, pneumatic applicators, mixing nozzles, manual guns, and much more.
  • Fillers – Including fibreglass cloths, catalysts for resin, plastic bumper filters, alloy wheel fillers, plastic and metal applicators, and more. In addition, we stock a range of PPS and Spraybooth products in different sizes. We also offer other panel painting car consumables such as gun cleaning kits, wet wipes, air dusters guns, stretch film, and more. By using these products, you’ll be well-equipped to paint your car. You’ll also find quality car paint online in Australia within our range, including car spray paint and more.

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