CARE Safe's Disinfecting & Sanitisation Program

CARE Safe's Disinfecting & Sanitisation Program

CARE Safe has developed a Disinfecting & Sanitisation Program to help keep your business, your customers and the community safe from airborne viruses.

The Disinfecting & Sanitisation Program significantly reduces the risk of infection from viruses and or number of virus or germs present in the environment.

The Care Safe Disinfecting & Sanitisation Program utilises their directional misting machines and a special compound that bonds to surfaces, killing 99.9% of bacteria on contact and due to the on-going regularity the CARE Safe program delivers.

CARE Safe's directional misting machines are easy to use and the sterile compound is completely safe, Non Hazardous and Non Dangerous. Together with their Disinfecting & Sanitisation Program, which can be completely customised to suit your business, any misted area or item can be ready to use once the mist has settled (usually within 2-3 minutes).

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