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No-Fill Stick ‘n’ Sand Discs

Aluminium oxide disc specially coated to resist loading and last longer.  Ideal for metal, plastic fillers, paint & fibreglass.

Pressure sensitive adhesive backing with easy to peel interliner.

Sizes: 150mm x blank
 150mm x 6 hole vacuum
 200mm x blank

Grits: P36 – P400

 200mm x 8 hole vacuum
 200mm x blank

Grit: P36 – P240

Champagne Magnum Stick ‘n’ Sand Discs

Premium quality sharp shaped grain fives an aggressive cut rate and greater cut life.  Faster cooler cutting action with less loading.

Sizes: 150mm
 (10 discs per roll)

Grits: P80 – P320

Blue Magnum Stick ‘n; Sand Discs

Ultra premium quality.  Hardened self-sharpening grain fives a more aggressive cut with durability and lasting strength.

Sizes: 150mm & 200mm

Grits: Z36, Z40, Z80

Speed-Grip Discs
No-Fil Speed Grip Discs – Vacuum & Non Vacuum

Aluminium oxide discs specially coated to resist loading and last longer.
Advantages or Norton Speedgrip System:

· Longer lasting
· Less wastage (backing not affected by dust)
· Ease of attaching and removing
· Dustless system provided a healthier work environment.

Available in: 150mm    Grits: P40 – P400
   150mm x 6 hole vacuum  Grits: P40 – P1200
   150mm x 9 hole vacuum  Grits: P80 – P1200
   200mm    Grits: P36 – P320
   200mm x 8 hole   Grits: P36 – P320

 Speed-Lok Discs

Speed-Lok system allows instant disc mounting & removal.

“Just twist on and twist off”.

Sizes: 75mm & 50mm

Available in Norzon material in grits Z24, Z36, Z50 for tough grinding of metal and rust removal and Bear-Tex material in grits Fine(blue), Medium(maroon) & Coarse(brown) for clean up and finishing.

Strip-Eaze Discs

Used for cleaning, removing rust, grinding off protective coatings, sealants and adhesive residues.  Has low heat build-up, does not clog and is simple and safe to use.

Available in sizes: 100 & 180mm



A non-woven web of nylon filled with abrasive grain.  Bear-Tex is waterproof, washable, resilient, non-loading, non-conductive and non-metallic.

Used for cleaning, scouring and polishing.

Available in Rolls and Hand –Pads:

 White (non-abrasive)  No. 456
 Grey (grit 1000 – 1200) No. 748
 Maroon (grit 240 – 360) No. 747
 Green (grit 240 – 360)  No. 796

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Phone:  08 8347 1355  Fax: 08 8347 0090



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