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No-Fil Adalox Sheets

Dry sanding paper with tough aluminium oxide grain.  Specially coated to resist loading, keeping the grain free to cut longer.  Ideal for sanding paint, metal, fibreglass and filler.

Available in:

Sheets: 230 x 280mm
Grits: P60 P400

Roll: 115mm x 50m
Grits: P40 P400

Roll: 70mm x 50m
Grits: P40 P180

Tufbak Waterproof Sheets

Ideal for wet sanding.  Sharp silicon carbide grain on tough flexible backing produces and excellent finish with lacquers, primers, enamels and acrylics.

Available in:

Sheet: 230 x 280mm
Grits: P60 P1500

Roll: 115mm x 50m
Grits: P320 P1200

2K Tufbak Waterproof Sheets

We sanding paper with tough aluminium oxide grain for 2 pack paint.  Ideal for wet sanding 2 pack fillers and primer surfaces.

Available in:

Sheet: 230 x 280mm
Grits: P240 P2000

Roll: 115mm x 50m
Grits: P400 P1200

No-Fil Speed-Grip Sanding Sheets Vacuum

The Norton speed-grip vacuum system allows for a cleaner dust free work environment.

Available in:
70mm x 127mm 8 holes.
Grits: P40 P600

92mm x 184mm (1/3 sheet) 8 holes.

81mm x 153mm 8 holes.
Grits: P40 P400

115mm x 230mm (1/21 sheet) 10 holes.
Grits: P40 P600

70mm x 420mm 14 holes.
Grits: P40 P600

Vibrator Paper

Sharp aluminium oxide grain ideal for rough feather edging, removing burrs and disc scratches from metal, cutting back fillers and old paint.

Available in:

Vibrator sheets: 115mm x 280mm
Vibrator roll:  115mm x 50m
File sheets:  70mm x 460mm
File rolls:  70mm x 50m
Grits:   P36 P120


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