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Mini Regulator & Gauge
Locking “Pull - Push - Turn” control knob> Maximum inlet pressure - 12 bar> Adjustment range - 0.5 - 10 bar> Inlet/Outlet - 1/4 BSP> Air flow - 650 l/min (23 cfm)
Order No.   Description
MR342   Mini Regulator with gauge



 Compact Filter Regulator
 Lightweight, compact filter regulator, ideal for the professional with portable compressor or one tool end line operation> Filtration - 25 microns> Air flow 1274 l/min (45 cfm)> Semi automatic water drain> Inlet/Outlet - 1/4 BSP> Complete with gauge and bracket
Order No.   Description
LFR107   Mini Regulator with gauge
97802075   Service Kit LFR107
97802072   Filter Element 25 microns


Combination Filter Regulator & Coalescer Filter
Ideal air breath. Two stage filtration> Provides a high level of filtration of solid particles, oil and water aerosols> Locking “Pull - Push - Turn” control knob> Polycarbonate bowl with metal guard and safety lock> First stage filtration - 5 microns> Second stage filtration - 0.01 micron> Air flow 1047 l/min (47 cfm)> Semi automatic drain> Inlet/Outlet - 1/2 BSP
Order No.   Description
CFR112   Filter Regulator & Coalescer
97800393   Service Kit LFR112/CFR112
97801731   1st Stage Filter 5 micron
97801005   2nd Stage Filter 0.01 micron

   Coalescer Filter
Filtration - 0.01 micron> Air flow 1047 l/min (47 cfm)> Semi automatic drain> Inlet/Outlet - 1/4 BSP Filter Regulator & Coalescer
Order No.   Description
COA112   Filter Regulator & Coalescer
97801005   Coalescer Filter only

   Spray Gun Oil & Water Separator
Removes oil and water at spray gun air inlet> Standard 1/4” BSP thread> Clear case allows easy viewing> Lightweight, only 100 g> Packed in blister pack
Order No.   Description
SEL.62   Cormack Spray Gun Oil and Water Separator

   Garage Filter Regulator
Economic DIY filter regulator> Ideal for portable compressors> Filtration - 40 microns> Air flow - 425 l/min (15 cfm)> Manual drain> Inlet outlet - 1/4 BSP> Complete with mounting bracket and gauge
Order No.   Description
LFR.100   Cormack Filter Regulator
LFR.100.09   Filter Element for LFR 100
LFR.100.12   Bowl for LFR100
LFR.100.13   Drain Assembly for LFR100
LFR.100.14   Gauge for LFR100

   Anest Iwata Double Outlet Filter Regulator
Sintered alloy filter> Double outlet for two hoses> Alloy bowl> Filtration - 5 microns> Air flow - 780 l/min (28 cfm)> Manual drain> Inlet - 3/8 BSP> Outlet - 1/4 BSP x 2> Comes with gauge and mounting bracket RR.AS Anest Iwata Filter Regulator94705500 Diaphragm RR.AS
Order No.   Description
RR.AS   Anest Iwata Filter Regulator
94705500   Diaphragm RR.AS



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