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Conceived in 1982, Globaljig was the first universal jig, which gave a new dimension to the bodyshop, which until that time, had known dedicated jig bracket and measuring systems only.
Globaljig combined the advantages of both systems into one, a brilliant idea that simplified the tasks of the bodyshop and made it possible to repair any car, anchoring and measuring it at the same time.
The Globaljig is definitely part of todays bodyshop, known and appreciated everywhere.  The Universal Jig System has changed the work of the bodyshop as much as the dedicated jig system changed it long ago when no repair systems existed.  The universal jig system has become a necessity bodyshops cannot and do not want to give up.
The Globaljig system has improved the working conditions of the bodyshop, making possible to save time and money.
Globaljig was first shown to the international public at Automechanika 1982, one of the most important exhibitions of our industry.
Success came quickly.  It seems that the bodyshop world was waiting for a piece of equipment able to combine the advantages of all repair systems with one unique solution.
Today Globaljig operates in all major world markets, thanks to those who believed in Globaljig at the very beginning.


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