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FLash Wax

Flash is a liquefied paste wax manufactured with premium, natural carnauba wax and ZonylŪ. This easy-to-use product is easily applied, dries quickly and comes off easily, resulting in a deep, long-lasting gloss. When you need a great finish in a hurry, get it done fast with Flash!

Surface Prep

Malco Surface Prep Adhesion Promoter and Cleaner saves time and helps professionals get great-looking finishes with less effort. This unique formula is designed to enhance coating adhesion by ensuring cleanliness and consistent surface profiling. This profiling helps coatings spread flatter and bond more securely to the treated surface. Flatter coatings help produce superior DOI's (Distinctness of Image) and gloss with less compounding.

Tru Grit

Malco Tru-Grit(TM) Ultra Cutting Cr_me is formulated for buffing both fully cured and 24 hour old high solids and standard clears. This unique compound contains special abrasives that combine high hardness and small size for the broadest buffing capability and the smallest possible swirls. This aggressive compound speeds production because it eliminates the necessity of using cleaners following compounding. Use Tru-Grit(TM) to repair paint defects and to remove oxidation and environmental paint defects on any automotive coating.


Malco Rejuvinator(TM) One-Step Auto Paint Restoration is the superior method of returning the original gloss and beauty to automotive paint. This specially formulated compound and glaze transforms dull, weathered automotive coatings to better than new condition in a single application.

Buff Lite II

Buff Lite II is a non-silicone compound. It is intended for use in a wide variety of professional settings ranging from body shops to detail and restoration shops. This unique compound will remove 1500-grit sand scratches from both fresh and aged automotive coatings. In addition, Buff Lite II will remove water spots, acid rain damage, fine surface scratches and pitting resulting from pollution and weathering. In most cases, cleaner-polishes are unnecessary. The gloss produced by Buff Lite II is outstanding.

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