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 Iwata Revolution
 > Ideal for students, hobbyists and crafters> Beginner airbrush with a professional feel> Internal mix double action on HPCR and HPBCR> Nozzle - 0.5 mm> Single action on HPSAR> Ergonomic handle> Air consumption - 11 l/min (0.4 cfm)> Gravity pot capacity - 7 ml> Suction pot capacity - 56 ml
Order No.   Description
HP.CR   Revolution Gravity Feed Airbrush
HP.BCR   Revolution Suction Feed Airbrush
HP.SAR   Revolution Suction Feed Airbrush single action
 > Internal mix, double action> Stainless steel needle> Nozzle sizes: HP.BCS - 0.5mm / HP.CS & HP.SBS - 0.35mm> Cut away handle for fast blast cleaning> Air consumption - 11 l/min (0.4 cfm)> Cup capacity: HP.BCS - 56ml / HP.CS - 7ml & HP.SBS - 3.6ml> Spray pattern - hairline to 50mm
Order No.   Description
HP.BCS   Eclipse Suction Feed Airbrush
HP.CS   Eclipse Gravity Feed Airbrush
HP.SBS   Eclipse Side Mount Feed Airbrush

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