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Touch ups
We have the ability to mix small amounts of automotive colour from 100ml to match your cars original colour, we can mix and load this colour into a pressure-pack if required.
Colour Matching Systems
For professional use only
A leader in colour match 

Colour match is the ultimate test of a refinish repair. PPG prides itself on being the global leader in colour. This commitment begins with the design and manufacture of original finishes for motor vehicles and carries through to ensuring that those using its refinish systems have access to the latest in colour information.
As the world's largest OEM supplier, PPG is the leader in developing new colours and effects for automotive manufacturers. Because of PPG's vast OEM market share, it is estimated that two out of three cars in the world are painted using PPG technology. Throughout the world PPG supplies OEM manufacturers as diverse as BMW and Hyundai with products ranging from E-coat through to topcoats.
PPG's relationship with OEM manufacturers are of enormous benefit to refinishers. PPG's global styling specialists work closely with OEM manufacturers to design new colours and are on-site with the manufacturer through trialing the new colour and until the colour is launched on-line as an OEM finish. The main link to the refinish side of the business is that PPG understands which pigments have been used to create the colour, so that when a car comes to be repaired, PPG's refinish team already knows the formula for the colour. PPG's colour library in Clayton, Australia, has more than 190,000 formulas for colours found on cars in Australian and New Zealand alone. Globally it is estimated that PPG's international colour libraries store close to 1 million colours combined, across 40 different product lines.
PPG also runs a comprehensive colour-auditing programme, both in Australia and overseas. PPG's colour auditors make regular visits to the holding yards where new imported vehicles are stored before distribution, and also visit the local manufacturer's distribution yards to audit local production. Their job is to identify and document variation. This programme gives PPG the capacity to have variants available before a new vehicle is expected to appear in a smash repair shop. Together with our OE links and with colour matching laboratories scattered around the globe, whether your car is an import or locally manufactured, by the time the new model hits the showroom PPG already has the colour matched and available to our smash repair shops.
PPG supports its colour matching effort with the latest in colour match tools and systems including: PPG Access Paint Manager, Parent and Variant Colour Boxes, ANZ Colour Box, Microfiche and a CD-ROM service called PPG Formula Lookup.
PPG's custom colour offerings are as innovative as they are attention getting. From the spectacular ever-changing iridescence of Harlequin® and Radiance IITM there is a full spectrum of custom colour for every taste and application
Radiance II is available in Australia only
PPG's Motor Bike Swatch 
To help motorcycle repairers make faster and more accurate colour matches PPG has produces a specific Motor Bike Swatch. Laid out in manufacturer order. The new swatch provides and accurate visual representation of all 650 motorcycle related colours PPG has available and covers all the major motor bike manufacturers including Harley Davidson, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Suzuki, just to name a few. Each page of the swatch gives the applicable code for use with PPG's Paint Manager System, which already contains the necessary formulations for colour reproduction.
Motor Bike Swatch is a standard size, enabling it to fit into PPG's existing Parent Colour system, and is designed to allow extra pages to be added to account for future updates.
PPG GRS - Colour Box 
GRS has a three-colour box system; the Parent Colour Box, Variant Colour Box and ANZ Colour Box.
The Parent Colour Box contains only Prime/No.1 formulations in motor manufacturer fan decks, similar to existing Colour Box system. There are up to five chips per page, made of refinish paint, updated twice yearly. The Variant Colour Box contains variants of colours together with their Prime/No.1 formulations, again in motor manufacturer fan decks. The chips are large in size and have the advantage of being not only refinish paint, but also of being sprayed, providing even more colour matching accuracy. The Variant Colour Box is updated three to four times a year.
PPG GRS Colour Directory 
The GRS Colour Directory contains information linking colour code, colour name, year of issue, etc. to each motor manufacturer and their colour range.Manufacturers are sorted in alphabetical order with colours then sorted by colour group, i.e. metallic beige, metallic green, three layer pearls. This makes it easy to find a colour when the code is unknown, as you can locate the code by looking under the relevant manufacturer and colour group.
When an "accessory" such as bumpers or side mouldings is painted in the body colour, this is shown as well.
The rear of the directory contains information such as available colour range by model, and ID plate location for selected manufacturers.
The selection contains blue colour pages for easy identification from the main information section of the directory.


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